Mann’s Sustainability

At Mann Packing our goal is to protect and conserve our natural resources and continually practice a solid position of environmental sustainability. We are as proud of our environmental record and programs, as we are of our quality fresh vegetable products.

Our sustainability practices are designed to maximize crop yields and limit waste, while improving overall product quality. For example, Mann’s customized harvesters limit the environmental impact with lower emissions, faster harvest times and limited crews, all of which impact the environment.
sust-1At our facilities, wash water is reclaimed into industrial waste systems for use on golf courses and city landscaping, and 90% of our facilities’ waste water is recycled. The electrical usage at our Salinas plant is the same as it was in 2001 despite a 50% increase in capacity. All of our corrugate and plastic packaging is recycled; Mann has zero packaging waste.

At Mann’s, we’re focused on our products’ lifecycles. For example, when we harvest Romaine lettuce, the outer, sun and wind damaged leaves are left in the field and tilled into the soil to provide nutrients for sustainability. This process harvests only the edible/usable leaves.
sust-3In 2012 we conducted research into what consumers wanted in fresh item packaging, and we found that 92% of the consumers we asked said they did not use the black tray (lids) for serving, per the package design. So we redesigned our vegetable platter/tray and removed the black plastic “lid” of the package.

Our new large tray has 38% less packaging material than the old tray (small trays have 43% less)—and 50% less packaging than other trays on the market, reducing 1.4 million lbs of plastic from our landfills annually! Additionally, removing the bottom tray allows consumers a bigger viewing window to the products.
VegTray-smSustainability and protecting our precious environment and valuable resources will continue to be top of mind to Mann’s throughout all of our operations in the future.